Multi-faith and Ceremonial Services and Spaces

Riverside Health Care's goal is to meet the needs of our clients, patients, residents, staff and community members in every aspect — physically, emotionally and spiritually. To this end, we feature a number of ways and spaces to allow you, your friends and family members the ability to engage in your religious, spiritual or cultural activities that emphasize a holistic approach to health care beyond the technological delivery. If you desire spiritual support of comfort during your time at La Verendrye General Hospital, Emo Health Centre or Rainy River Health Centre, the staff will facilitate your request. Please do not leave your ward without letting the nursing staff know where you are.


  • La Verendrye General Hospital: If you or your family members wish to have time alone to meditate or pray, ask a nurse to direct you to the Multi-faith space. A new Ceremonial space has also been created at LVGH for Indigenous traditions such as smudging, drumming and singing.
  • Emo Health Health Centre: Church services are held in the Activity Centre on Thursday mornings, with interdenominational services.
  • Rainy River Health Centre: A chapel is available for quiet meditation or prayer. Church services are held in the Activity Centre on Tuesday evenings. Services are interdenominational.
  • Rainycrest: Hosts an on-site Pastor 15 hours a week.

Regular visits are made to parishioners by the clergy or pastoral visitors from churches in the community.