Media Relations

At Riverside, we work with media members to provide information about our programs, services, and access to our hospital leaders. We are committed to keeping the public informed about the organization's activities, while also upholding our responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those we serve.

All Riverside-related inquiries from news media and external organizations must go through the Communications department. These may include requests for information, photos or videos, as well as interviews (onsite or virtual).

Media Requests

Kathryn Pierroz
Communications Coordinator
807-274-3261 ext. 4525

General Inquiries


Onsite Media

Members of the media who wish to visit a Riverside facility must submit requests to the Communications team in advance. Consideration will be given to the scope of the requested visit and any other relevant factors that may impact Riverside operations at the time of each request.

A Communications representative will accompany members of the media while on site. For reasons of safety and confidentiality, security may remove media members from our sites if they are unauthorized or unaccompanied.

Release of Patient Information

Riverside Health Care is committed to the privacy of our patients, residents, clients, families, and staff members. All media inquiries including patient information, condition reports and interviews must be directed to the Communications department. Information will not be released without express consent from the individual and/or the individual’s parent or legal guardian.