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We are proud of the outstanding team of people who work at Riverside Health Care. Our staff, physicians and volunteers pride themselves on providing quality, excellent health care for our community members. We want you to ask questions, report changes in your condition, voice concerns and be involved in every decision about your care and treatment.

Learn how to best prepare for your stay or visit with us, at any of our locations, to ensure a positive experience.

Patient Information

Visitor Information

We understand any health care journey can be stressful for both patients and visitors. Our goal at each of our acute care and long-term health care facilities is to keep you comfortable and informed while there.

  • La Verendrye General Hospital
  • Emo Health Care Centre
  • Rainy River Health Care Centre
  • Rainycrest Long-Term Care

Notice of BORN Ontario Cybersecurity Incident

BORN Ontario is a prescribed perinatal and child registry that is funded by the province’s Ministry of Health. BORN Ontario was the victim of a cybersecurity incident earlier this year and your information may have been impacted. The incident was caused by a vulnerability in the file transfer software BORN Ontario utilized, called MOVEit.

We are among the many Ontario healthcare providers that share personal health information with BORN Ontario related to pregnancy, birth and newborn care – important healthcare encounters that can affect lifelong health. BORN collects data from healthcare providers pursuant to the authority afforded to it in the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). BORN Ontario uses this information to identify immediate care gaps affecting individuals, link information to appropriate care providers, perform health system quality assurance, and analyze data for emerging trends.

For specific details about the incident, and to find out if your or someone in your family’s information may have been impacted, please visit the BORN Ontario website www.bornincident.ca