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CEO Message

On behalf of Riverside Health Care, I hope that your partnership with us is a positive one as we strive to meet the Riverside vision: Caring, Together.

Whether you're a client, patient, resident or visitor at any our our facilities and programs across the Rainy River District, we want to ensure that you receive the very best we can offer, and that your experience is a healthy one.

We are focused on ensuring we deliver optimal, safe and equitable care, and that the patient experience is enhanced for each individual we serve.

If you feel you have received exceptional care or believe that we need to improve our care, please let us know.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your care, please engage your caregivers and do not hesitate to reach out to management, senior leadership or myself.

Henry Gauthier, CPA, CGA
President & CEO

Medical Leadership

Dr. Lucas Keffer, Chief of Staff
Dr. Karina Arnesen, President of the Joint Medical Staff

Organizational Leadership Team

David Black, Director of Community Services
Cindy Cole, Director of Risk Management & EHR Implementation Lead
Corey Cousineau, Director of Finance
Ed Cousineau, Director of Capital Planning & Engineering
Julie Cousineau, Director of Nursing
Jamie Gleeson, Senior Director of IST
Stacy LaBelle, Director of Care for Rainycrest LTC
Simone LeBlanc, Director, Support Services & Privacy
Glenna Morand, Director of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services
Tara Morelli, Rainycrest LTC Administrator
Tammy McNally, Administrator for Emo & Rainy River Health Centres
Kathryn Pierroz, Communications Coordinator
Kelly Woods, Director of Human Resources