RHC is a member of Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), a program that offers access for rural and remote communities to Specialist Services using secure, interactive videoconferencing.  This videoconferencing allows our patients to see physicians without having to travel.  When patients have a Telemedicine appointment they and the specialist have the opportunity to view, listen and speak with one another via two-way videoconferencing.  With the assistance of electronic devices, such as listening to a patient’s heart and lungs with a stethoscope or looking at a wound with a camera, we can assist the specialist with patient care.  This interaction occurs while patient enjoys the same privacy and standard of care they would get if they were in the same room with the specialist.  This program saves the patient and family the cost, time, and inconvenience of travel to visit a specialist. 

If you are presently seeing a specialist from outside our area and require a follow-up appointment, ask them if this appointment can be arranged by video conference (telemedicine).  Your local health care provider must make a referral. Once a referral has been made by a physician, the Ontario Telemedicine Network makes all the arrangements and communicates them to the patients and specialists. During a clinical appointment using Telemedicine you are welcome to bring family or a friend for support Please bring your Ontario Health Card with you.


Contact: Co-ordinator, Telemedicine – Shawn McCaig at (807) 274-3261 ext. 4519

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