Telemedicine is an interactive, two-way, videoconferencing system which provides an alternative option to attending an in-person appointment with a physician or other healthcare professional. Using a monitor and high-definition camera, you will be able to see, hear and speak with your health care specialist and discuss your plan of care. This means that you will be able to “visit” your health care providers without having to leave your community. Our telemedicine studios are available at:

  • La Verendrye General Hospital
  • Community Health Services Building
  • Rainycrest Long Term Care
  • Emo Health Centre
  • Emo Clinic
  • Rainy River Health Centre
  • Rainy River Clinic

Riverside Health Care is a member of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), a program that offers rural and remote communities’ access to specialist services at our facilities. These services include the ability for our local health care professionals to assist with the patient's care, whether it's listening to a patient’s heart and lungs or looking at a wound with a camera.

This interaction occurs while patient enjoys the same privacy and standard of care they would get if they were in the same room with the specialist, while saving our client and their family the cost, time, and inconvenience of travel.

If you are presently seeing a specialist from outside our district and require future appointments, ask if telemedicine is an option and a referral can be made. Once referrals are made, the OTN coordinates and communicates all arrangements.

Visit otn.ca for more information.

RHC Contact

Call Riverside Health Care Telemedicine at (807) 274-3261 ext. 4519, or confidential Fax: 807-274-4843