Diabetes Care

Riverside Health Care's community-based Diabetes program offers education and care for residents of the Rainy River District while serving as a resource to other health care professionals in our communities. Our collaborative approach includes bringing together the expertise of physicians, nursing, chiropody, physiotherapy, pharmacy and lab, as well as community counsellors. We offer an open referral system whereby clients can self-refer or can be referred by a physician or other health care professionals. Two diabetes educators, a full-time registered dietician and a part-time registered nurse and receptionist staff this program. Clients are invited to bring spouses, family or friends to their appointment.

Hours and contact

Our diabetes care is located at the Community Health Services building, 206 Victoria Ave. in Fort Frances.  

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Call (807) 274-4828 for details.

Diabetes Care video series

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