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Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Riverside Health Care values the feedback and suggestions of its patients, family members and caregivers.Hearing the voices of these community members is essential to transforming and improving the health-care experience through a patient-centric approach. Integrating the patient’s point of view, perspective and experience into service and quality improvements across the organization will help to ensure the delivery of high quality care.

A Patient Family Advisor is someone who has had a recent experience (within two years) either as a patient, family member or caregiver of a patient being cared for at one or more of our facilities. They partner with RHC staff and physicians to better ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients, families and caregivers, and improving the overall patient experience.

What a PFAC member does

  • Promotes Patient Advocacy
  • Advises on policy, practices and application of patient and family centred principles
  • Reviews Patient Satisfaction results and participates in Accreditation and Quality Improvement Plans
  • Attends regular council meetings
  • Encourages and promotes patient understanding

Qualities of a PFAC volunteer

  • Understanding and supportive of Patient and Family Centred Care
  • Willing to share insights, ideas and experiences in ways others can learn
  • Committed and trustworthy
  • Comfortable speaking in a group and interacts well with others
  • Focused on improving care experiences for others
  • A good listener who respects the perspectives of others
  • Able to keep patient and organizational information confidential

Join us

To make a positive impact on the health of our communities as a volunteer member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, email riverside@rhcf.on.ca for more information.